Hino 268A

Turn the steering wheel and see for yourself. The unique design of our steering components gives us a wheel cut of 55, one of the most accommodating in the transportation industry. And our Meritor Easy Steer Technology not only reduces steering effort, but also contributes to long component life. These contributing factors helped earn the 268 the 2010 ATD Truck of the Year distinction. The 268 has helped Hino set a gold standard for moving and delivery trucks, among numerous other applications.


Engine - Hino J08E WU 230 HP 520 lb-ft Torque

Award Winning Engines.  Hino engines deliver dependable, fuel efficient power. Hino Trucks is recognized worldwide as one of the leading innovators in engine design. Combining high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection, Variable Geometry Turbocharger design and cooled EGR with Selective Catalytic Reduction [SCR] for emission control allows us to optimize the air/fuel mixture across the entire speed range of our engines. The result is fuel-efficient compliance with 2010 EPA regulations.

Turbocharger: VNT turbochargers optimize airflow by changing the turbocharger's output based on control input from the engine's electronic control unit. This allows engine designers to more accurately control cylinder pressure and air/fuel ratio. Better control means a more complete burn, resulting in better fuel efficiency and full EPA compliance.

SCR & B20: Selective Catalytic Reduction [SCR]. Hino SCR technology not only meets the EPA 2010 Standards, it produces gains in fuel economy and it does so without the need for carbon credits! B20 BioDiesel Rated. Hino Trucks' complete product line of class 5 cab over, and class 6 and 7 conventional trucks are now approved to use up to B20 biodiesel. Going green has never been so economical!

Common Rail Fuel Injection: Provides higher pressure over the entire speed range of an engine. Unlike unit injectors whose pressure varies with the "rise time" of the injection event, common rail systems are supplied by constant pressure pumps that assure instant high-pressure response for each injection event. The result is a more responsive engine and better control of fuel quantity in the combustion.

Allison Transmission

Allison transmissions are standard on all conventional Hino trucks and offer a fully automatic six-speed transmission that provides smooth, seamless full-power shifts to put engine power to the ground in the most fuel efficient way. The result of Allison's fully automatic transmission is faster acceleration and higher average road speed, which equate to quicker route times throughout the day. That means greater productivity and increased profits for your business.

Meritor Axles

With more than 100 years of axle manufacturing experience, cutting edge technologies and proven reliability and performance, Meritor has become the world's largest independent manufacturer of commercial truck axles for a broad range of vehicle applications - thats why you'll find front and rear axles from Meritor on Hino trucks - they are quite simply the best money can buy.

Dana Spicer Driveshafts

Dana Spicer drive shafts are the preferred brand in the U.S. by OEMs, fleet specifiers, dealership sales, and replacement parts professionals. Now enhanced to offer even greater torque, durability, and savings, SPL products offer 70 percent more power density than its nearest competitor and a 40 percent increase in bearing life.


Strong, Straightforward, Dependable. Here's a better way to build a cab - high visibility, great comfort and super low noise levels. All-in-all, it's a great place for a driver to spend the day. With Toyota inspired interior design our cabs offer a complete package of the most necessary features and then kept it simple and serviceable. Your drivers, technicians and accountants will love it.

Standard A/C and CD

Air conditioning is standard. So is a CD. Tilt and Telescoping steering column? Of course. Cruise control? Got it. Our goal was to make this a great place to spend the day - then make sure it makes business sense. We think you'll like the combination.

Unprecedented Visibility

We placed the driving position high to gain a wide perspective of the road while also maintaining a good feel for the corners of the hood.

Fully galvanized steel cab with extra rigidity for ride comfort and noise reduction.

Wide Enough For the Team

Standard two person passenger seat and comfortable driver's seat. Bring the team.


Every Hino truck is equipped with, and supported by, the Hino Insight platform. That means you have instant access to business intelligence and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management that not only increases profitability and fleet & driver efficiency, but reduces downtime and operating costs.


With INSIGHT Telematics, you can monitor idle times, heavy breaking, speed, location, distance traveled and much more. INSIGHT Remote Diagnostics will alert you, your dealer and Hino in the event of a DTC and we will direct you as to next steps and urgency. INSIGHT Case Management will streamline the service process with appointment co-ordination and service progress updates.

Spec Sheet


Model: Hino J08E-WU (Standard) Hino J08E-VB (Optional)
Type: Diesel 4 cycle, 6-cylinder in-line water-cooled,  dry cylinder liners
Fuel System: Common rail, direct injection type (Denso)
Max. output (SAE Gross): 230hp at 2,500 rpm (Standard) 260hp at 2,500 rpm (Optional)
Max. torque (SAE Gross):  520 lb.-ft. at 1,500 rpm (Standard) 660 lb.-ft. at 1,500 rpm (Optional)
Engine displacement: 8L
Bore and stroke: 4.41 x 5.12 in.

Electrical Equipment:


STD- Two 12V parallel circuit, 1,300 CCA  (650 X 2) (GR 31 type)

OPT-Three parallel circuit, 1,950 CCA  (650 x 3) (GR 31 type)

OPT-Two parallel circuit 1,850 CCA (925 x 2)  (AGM type)

STD-12V, 130 A, Delco (brush type)
OPT-12V, 135 A (brushless), 180 A (brush  type), 200 A (brush type)

Starter: Denso-12V, 4.8 kW
Cab Audio: Bluetooth AM/FM/CD Player/MP3


Wheelbase in. 152/G 175/J 187/L 205/M 217/P 235/R 253/T 271/V
Cab to axle in. 84.6 107.6 119.6 137.6 149.6 167.6 185.6 203.6
Frame height at front axle in. 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37
Frame height at rear axle - Air susp. / Leaf susp. in. 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8 39.0/39.8
Rear overhang in. 50 63 75 75 97 97 97 79
Std. chassis weight - Leaf susp./230 HP lbs. 10,275 10,220 10,275 10,385 10,495 10,540 10,570 10,625
Std. chassis weight - Air susp./230 HP lbs. 10,240 10,165 10,230 10,330 10,440 10,485 10,515 10,580
Std. chassis weight - Leaf susp./260hp lbs. N/A 10,260 10,330 10,450 10,560 10,605 10,650 10,715
Std. chassis weight - Air susp./260hp lbs. N/A 10,205 10,275 10,395 10,515 10,560 10,595 10,670

Powertrain and Performance

GVW: 25,950 lbs.

GCWR: 26,000 lbs./33,000 lbs.

Available Transmissions:

Allison 2200 HS/RDS with Fuel Sense Basic

Allison 2500 HS/2500RDS with Fuel Sense Basic

Type: Six-speed automatic

Weight Capacities

Front axle lbs. 10,000
Rear axle lbs. 19,000
Front spring lbs. 12,000
Rear spring lbs. 19,000



Service: Full air, dual circuit, "S" cam type, leading &  trailing shoes with automatic adjustment

Exhaust: Electric-pneumatic with valve-in exhaust pipe

Parking: Spring brake chamber (rear axle) with SR-7  emergency brake system


Front axle: MFS-10 series reversed Elliot, "I" beam (oil  lubricated)

Front spring: Taper-leaf spring, shock absorbers

Rear axle: RS19-145, full floating, single reduction, single- speed, hypoid gearing

Rear spring: Semi-elliptic main

Rear Air: 

OPT-Air ride suspension - Hendrickson

OPT-Air ride suspension dump valve (electric),  single & dual valve



Ladder type: Straight C channel

Width (in.): 34

Yield strength (PSI): STD-80,000 (OPT-120,000)

Resisting bending moment in.-lbs: 152" WB  1,280,000 All Others  1,031,900

Chassis Equipment

Fuel Tank: STD-50 gallon

OPT-Dual 50 gal./Single 70 gal./Single 95 gal.

DEF tank: 4.7 gallon


6 Wheels: 22.5 x 8.25 10-stud disc

Wheel style: Steel, powder coated

6 tires: STD-11R22.5-14(G)


OPT-295/75R22.5-14 (G)

Tire pattern: OPT-295/75R22.5-14 (G)

Popular Optional Equipment (Partial List)

  • Anti-siphon device insert in fuel tank
  • Allison Fuel Sense Plus / Max
  • Back-up alarm
  • Cab paint, exterior - custom (factory)
  • Engine idle shutdown
  • Exhaust system - vertical stack type
  • Mirrors, fender mounted-chrome (both sides or passenger only)
  • Mirrors, outside rearview-chrome
  • Mirrors-power heated (available in chrome)
  • Power windows and door locks (available with keyless entry)
  • Programmable speed limit 65,70 mph
  • Rear helper spring-sub leaf type
  • Stabilizer bar, rear (leaf suspension only)
  • Wheels-polished aluminum or powder coated gray


Engine Warranty STD - 5 years/250,000 miles
  OPT - 7 years/150,000 miles
Hinocare STD - 2 years/60,000 miles preventative care
  OPT - Preventative care extension
Hinowatch 24/7 Roadside Assistance
Hino Insight Telematics by Telogis STD 1 Year
    OPT 3&5 yr.
  Remote Diagnostics STD 5 Years
  Case Management STD 5 Years