MackĀ® LR Model

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The Mack® LR model is unlike any truck on the market. It puts the driver's needs first with upgraded features designed to provide greater visibility and comfort for increased productivity. When you call for a truck to help tackle the demands of your day-to-day, Mack answers.

The Mack LR model is powered by our mighty MP® Series engines to keep you moving. And with upgrades like added storage, superior visibility and enhanced technology, every route is quicker, safer and easier. When you do the hard work, you need the truck that’s ready for any challenge.


When it comes to taking command of demanding jobs, comfort is key. A tilt and telescopic steering column, new seat positions, suspended pedals, knee bolsters and arm rests let drivers adjust their truck for improved comfort and efficiency. Plus, the integrated air conditioner provides a factory-installed climate controlled environment that supplies relief on the hottest days.

Operate your braking system with ease. A hand-operated work brake allows drivers to go from start to stop by parking the truck on its service brakes with one simple motion.

LR model trucks reduce driver effort so you can do more. A low step 17 inches off the ground and large grab handles help drivers get in and out of the cab to ease the demands of a hard day’s work.


The LR models offer multiple driving and door options to best suit your application. Whether you prefer standup or seated, left-or right-hand steering, Mack gives you the choices you need.

The LR model has some of the largest doors in the industry for easy entry and egress, with three door configurations and six door combinations to suit your needs. Choose between standard, flip and bi-fold designs.

Superior Visibility

Side loading and maneuvering narrow streets are made easier with rear wraparound windows that increase your field of vision where you need it most.

Expanded Storage

These trucks make the most of cab space by packing in more storage than you thought possible. A centrally located storage platform creates a convenient spot to keep paperwork, a cell phone or an MP3 player—with extra room for a lunch box. Add cup holders for regular and large bottles, and there’s a fit for everything on the job.


These trucks keep the latest technology at your fingertips, including a gauge cluster mounted to the steering column, Bluetooth enabled, hands-free radio with communications capabilities and power window and door locks.

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