MackĀ® MD Series

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Mack has entered the medium-duty market with our all-new MD Series—three trucks that take care of the details so you can focus on growing your business.

Built for every job

To handle different applications, the MD Series is available in three models—the MD6, MD6 Low Profile, and MD7. The trucks have innovative features that come standard, and they vary in wheelbase size and dimensions, with transmission options for heavier-duty applications and rougher terrains.

Built for comfort

Every detail of the Mack MD interior was designed for one purpose: keep drivers comfortable. There's power steering, tilt telescopic steering column, air suspension driver's seat and controls within easy reach. If it all feels designed by drivers for drivers, that's because it was.

Built for uptime

From purchase to maintenance, your local Mack dealer will treat you like family—with personalized attention and the support you need. And our Geotab® system will provide the intelligence and data to help you operate with enhanced safety, cost-efficiency and productivity.

Driver Environment

Designed by drivers for the comfort of other drivers, the inside of an MD Series cab puts every last convenient detail right where it ought to be.

8 Different Wheel Bases

A range of sizes for typical body applications, 10 to 26 feet.

Allison Transmission Options

To cover any application, from the city to rougher terrains.

Industry Proven Powertrain Options

To deliver the kind of power every job requires.

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